~My Yoga Tool Box~

Being continually inspired by the many forms of yoga, I am always seeking to learn more- to keep filling up my yoga tool box. Each style of yoga that I have studied brings more depth and illumination to the others. I strive to have a vast pallet of knowledge and resources to pull from so as to better serve others in their yoga journey. Below are the styles and modalities of yoga that I have studied and teach.


Having been trained in Lotus Flow, I pull my inspiration for sequencing from the chakra system, building a class based on moving up the energy centers of the body. Postures link one into the next to create a continuous, fluid dance. I aim to invigorate, energize, balance, strengthen, and release. I use the momentum of breath to move into and out of the postures, sequencing in an intelligent and highly creative flow. I feel that our bodies respond and our energetic pathways open with the gentle wash of repeated movement linked directly to breath. I believe that our bodies are much more intelligent than we give them credit for, and if we jump in and get our minds out of the way, things can start to open up.


I practice and teach Yin to balance the very Yang elements of everyday life, in both the mind and body. Yin yoga is a chance to step into the discomfort of deeply held patterns of holding; both physical and emotional. Yin challenges us to stay still and calm within the intensity of uncovering our own holding patterns and to observe our reactions to this stillness and intensity. Yin yoga is both a way of opening the body on a physical level, as well as opening our awareness to what is creating the tension on an energetic level.


Through my journeys of pregnancy and birth, of both my son and daughter, yoga was a key element in maintaining physical and emotional balance, buoyancy, and health. My passion for teaching prenatal yoga bloomed when I realized the full benefit of creating space and support for the vast changes in women’s bodies, hearts, and minds during the life-changing journey of pregnancy and motherhood. My take on prenatal yoga is to create a safe space for liberation, expression, sensuality, and empowerment through flowing yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and mantra. It is time for women to embrace the innate power and knowledge within our bodies, to allow for our wildness and ferocity to shine, and to celebrate the unique beauty of our individual bodies!


I firmly believe in the benefits of teaching yoga to kids/teenagers as a tool for life. Bringing awareness into the lives of our younger generations is one of the most important things we can do! Giving youth a taste of what it means to unite our bodies, breath, and minds can dramatically change how they interact with the stresses of school, family, life, etc. The focus of my classes is mainly based on the three physical elements of flexibility, strength, and balance, with the added elements of relaxation, respect, personal awareness, and of course, fun! I tailor the classes to the age, needs, and size of the group.Whether it be for one class, or an ongoing yoga unit, elementary or highschool, I am always thrilled by the challenge and fulfillment of teaching to youth.

Cancer Exercise Specialist

I have completed my training as a CES, working with cancer patients in the realm of yoga and conventional exercise, both pre and post-operative, to achieve greater ease, comfort, and well-being in mind and body. We use breathing exercises, yoga postures, meditation, visualization, and gentle exercise to build a program specific to each clients needs and specifications.

The Cancer Exercise Training Program & Institute was developed  in response to a growing need for scientifically-based, current information on exercise therapy as a critical component of cancer recovery. A Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES) is a fitness or health professional trained to work with cancer patients in post-operative exercise and quality-of-life programs.

For more information on Cancer Exercise Specialists: www.thecancerspecialist.comPlease inquire for more information on working with Yeva.

Book Private/Group Sessions

Want to deepen your own practice with one-on-one guidance? Looking to book a yoga instructor for an event or gathering? I work with individual clients, small or large groups, kids/teens/adults. Private sessions can be focused on specific physical goals or recovery, ayurvedic practices, yoga for mental/emotional balance, or a specific intention/theme. Contact me to learn more about rates.