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Being continually inspired by the many forms of yoga, Yeva is always seeking to learn more- to keep filling up the yoga tool box. Each style of yoga that Yeva has studied brings more depth and illumination to the others. Yeva strives to have a vast pallet of knowledge and resources to pull from so as to better serve others in their yoga journey. Below are brief explanations of Yeva’s style in the modalities of yoga that she offers.

Vinyasa | Flow

The backbone for Yeva’s Vinyasa style comes from her Lotus Flow training, pulling inspiration for sequencing from the chakra system and Ayurvedic science, building a class based on moving up the energy centers of the body. With Yeva’s background in dance, her classes weave dynamic, creative, flowing and intelligent sequences with breath and intention. Each practice, whether beginner or advanced, offers ample opportunity to challenge and nourish yourself. The intention is to always offer many options in class so that every one has the opportunity to practice in a safe, self-directed and effectice manner.

Yin | Recovery

Yin & Recovery yoga are both very meditative and grounding practices, helping to recalibrate the nervous system, relieve stress, as well as aid your body with rest and repair. Yeva incorporates the longer held, passive stretches and knowledge of the Chinese energy meridians of Yin yoga with gentle, rehabilitative postures, breath work and exercises to find greater range of motion and ease throughout the body. Meditative and quiet, Yin/Recovery yoga is the perfect balance to the very Yang elements of everyday life in both the mind and body. Yeva’s intention is that you will leave at the end of practice feeling more spacious, clear and at ease. Yin/Recovery yoga can be deliciously restorative and it can also challenge us to stay still, calm and breathe within the intensity or discomfort of uncovering our own muscular and energetic holding patterns.

Prenatal | Postpartum

Through Yeva’s journey of pregnancy and birth, of both her son and daughter, yoga was a key element in maintaining physical and emotional balance, buoyancy, and health.

Yeva’s passion for teaching pre/post-natal yoga was sparked when she experienced for herself the importance of creating space and support for the vast changes in women’s bodies, hearts, and minds during the life-changing journey of pregnancy and motherhood. Yeva’s Prenatal classes are designed to help women connect to their intuition, baby, and innate body knowledge, as well as build trust in their unique journey. Through mantra, breath work, pregnancy specific exercises, and meditation, these practices help to prepare women physically, mentally and emotionally for birth and early motherhood. Postpartum yoga focuses on safely rebuilding core and pelvic floor strength, addressing and supporting common postpartum issues, and connecting mama’s to their bodies, breath, and resiliency.

Private | Corporate Sessions

Private sessions are a way to directly focus on your unique goals and needs. Yeva works with a wide variety of clients creating individual yoga programs tailored to their specific needs/interests/limitations/goals. Individual sessions can work with injury rehab, pre/post-natal practices, health goals, deepening asana practice, beginner yoga, ayurvedic practices, and more.

Yeva also teaches corporate/group yoga including work-place mindfulness and stress managment practices, office yoga, wellness events and more.

Contact Yeva to inquire about rates and packages.

Cancer Exercise Specialist

Yeva has completed her training as a CES, working with cancer patients in the realm of yoga and conventional exercise, both pre and post-operative, to achieve greater ease, comfort, and well-being in mind and body. A CES uses breathing exercises, yoga postures, meditation, visualization, and gentle exercise to build a program specific to each clients needs and specifications.

The Cancer Exercise Training Program & Institute was developed  in response to a growing need for scientifically-based, current information on exercise therapy as a critical component of cancer recovery. A Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES) is a fitness or health professional trained to work with cancer patients in post-operative exercise and quality-of-life programs.

For more information on Cancer Exercise Specialists: www.thecancerspecialist.comPlease inquire for more information on working with Yeva.

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