I have always been passionate about movement, expression, health, good food, creativity, and running around in the wild. I spent my childhood in Northern BC, splitting time equally between the woods and the dance studio. The majority of my years were dedicated to dancing professionally, many of these with Company XIV in NYC.  I found yoga as a cross-training tool for dance but very quickly fell in love with the practice: the sensation of moving, sweating, stretching, questioning, feeling, challenging, and uncovering….  for no one but myself. Yoga was a natural deepening of my love for physical expression, awareness, and spiritual well-being. I found my yoga home at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, NYC and it is there that I completed my training under Dana Flynn and Alison Cramer. More recently I studied with Mark Lily (Street Yoga, NYC), Bernie Clark (Yin Yoga), Leslie Kaminoff (Yoga Anatomy), Alison Cramer (Ayurveda & Healing), Teresa Campbell (Prenatal Yoga), and Jacqueline Maloney (Kids Yoga), as well as completing my certification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.

My own yoga practice is continually evolving- the more I learn, the more I feel I don’t know.  I try to show up to every experience, every class, and every challenge, open to learning from what is in front of me. Of all the amazing people I have studied with, the greatest teachers I have are my relationship, my family, and especially, my two little children. I treat my yoga practice as medicine, a workout, discipline, and play. I seek out my yoga practice for mental clarity, emotional balance, and energetic clearing. I teach yoga because I have experienced myself and witnessed in others the healing, empowering, and uplifting potential of the many different yoga practices. Showing up to teach class keeps pushing me to be real, authentic, and most importantly, to continue showing up to my own practice.

As a teacher, I believe in offering EVERYONE the experience of challenging, nourishing, and healing ourselves through movement and breath. I love to lead a flowing, creative, challenging yet supportive class – a well rounded and invigorating ‘dance on the mat’ using yoga as a tool to find contentment in our bodies and minds, as well as to balance and deepen our lives. In my class, you can expect to be challenged to strengthen, balance, and stretch your body, to move through a sequence that includes a taste of all elements, to be fully accepted in whatever form your practice takes, and to be taken on a ride of movement, internal reflection, and stillness.