Private Sessions ~ Pilates & Yoga


One-on-one instruction is the best way to meet your unique needs and have a practice designed specifically for your body. Mat Pilates builds functional stability, strength, and proper bio mechanics starting from the deep abdominal muscles. Exercises are tailored to each persons needs and can be very beneficial in working with injury rehabilitation, pre/post-natal recovery, back/pelvic pain, and general core instability.  Yoga privates can have a wide variety of focuses, including general strength/stability, beginner, stretching and recovery, and more. Private sessions can be in person or via Zoom.  Please contact me for more details and information.


1hr Private Session – single  $65

1 hr Private Sessions – 4 or more sessions  $55

1 hr Semi-private Sessions (up to 3 people) – $40 each


Practice with Me Online


Did you know I have a YouTube channel offering a wide variety of free yoga practices? Click HERE for the link and Subscribe to stay in the know when I release new practices!


Class Schedule


Currently there are no group classes. I will be offering group Yoga and Pilates classes starting September 2021.