Mom & Baby Series

Full Circle Studio   $85 for 6 classes  $16 drop-in
Oct. 2-Nov. 6 | Wednesdays, 12-1pm

Mom & Baby yoga is designed to help mamas reconnect with their bodies, safely rebuild strength, and connect with baby in a relaxed and supportive environment.  

The ‘mom’ portion of the class focuses on rebuilding healthy core and pelvic floor strength, gentle stretch/strength to create more physical balance, addressing common postpartum issues, and working with breathe, meditation and mantra to help find inner resiliency and strength. The ‘baby’ portion of the practice focuses on creating connection between mom and baby, as well as calming and grounding baby through touch, song, and gentle baby massage.

This class is always a bit of lovely chaos with babies cooing, singing, crying, feeding, etc. Come relaxed and willing to go with the flow! 

No experience required.